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"Joe and his team did a great job on the landscaping work i needed done! Better still, Joe provided me with something I needed even more: a sense that I had finally found a true professional that I could place my trust in. Kindness is in his true nature, and for that I am very, very grateful. Thanks for everything Joe!" - Julie P., River Falls Wi

"We really got the impression that Joe was building our fire-pit for his own back yard!"  -Jeremy and Tammy, Hudson WI

"We love our new patio!  Great job!  And even under your bid, gotta love that!"  -Debbie, River Falls, WI

"Joe and his men did a fantastic job on my boulder wall!  And came in under his estimate, saving me money!"  - Luke, Golden Valley, MN

"I love my landscaping!  Great design!  Joe really has a skill for landscape design!"  - Dalene, River Falls, WI

"You really get a sense that Joe's work is more than just work to him.  The attention and care that went into the design and installation, exceeded all my expectations!  Great job!  Thank you Boulder Hills Landscaping!"  - Trevor and Allison, Maplewood, MN

 "The design and boulder work of my landscape compliments my home, and is quite impressive!"  -Julie, River Falls, WI

"The Boulder Hills Landscaping crew worked very professionally and kept their jobsite clean at the end of each day.  Outstanding product!  Highly recommended!"  -Scott and Cheryl, St. Paul, MN

"Thank you!  Thank you!  What a truly wonderful service.  Our friends were so impressed and so liked the work you had done for us.  Thanks again."  -John and Beverly, River Falls, WI

"Thanks a ton for all your effort and wonderful work on our project"  -Tom and Kim, River Falls, WI 

"Hey Joe.  Great job!  We are really happy with the job so far.  It looks so incredible out here!"  -Pat and Shannon, River Falls, WI 

"You have done such a magnificient job!  We have finally found our landscaper!" -Dennis and Mary, Hudson, WI 

"Thanks so much Joe!!  You sure do an awesome job and our friends and family think so as well!  Thanks again!"  -Darren and Allison, Hudson, WI 




"We really got the impression that Joe was building our fire-pit for his own back yard!"

-Jeremy and Tammy, Hudson WI

"We love our new patio! Great job! And even under your bid, gotta love that!"

-Debbie, River Falls, WI

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