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Rain Gardens

Drainage concerns?  A rain garden is an excellent solution when property flooding cannot be alleviated with conventional methods. 

Here's how it works: First we determine the problem area or where your water is sitting.  Next we excavate to below the hard pan two feet (this generally gives us a depth of 4'-5' below surface) by a dimension that is determined to be allowable for the amount of water that will be required to be consumed.  Then we re-fill our hole with a bio-filter material designed to allow the passage of water for optimal absorbtion.  Finally we install edging with your choice of our attractive edging products, plant your favorite water loving perennials, top with a decorative mulch and voila!  You now have a beautiful and effective solution to your water problems! 


"We really got the impression that Joe was building our fire-pit for his own back yard!"

-Jeremy and Tammy, Hudson WI

"We love our new patio! Great job! And even under your bid, gotta love that!"

-Debbie, River Falls, WI

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