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Sophisticated Landscape Design Adds Value to Homes

Investing in landscape design, trees and other landscaping features will increase the value of your home and increase the quality of life, according to university documented research.  The following information is summarized from three peer-reviewed research studies.

Research Findings

  • Improved landscaping is associated with higher property values.
  • An improvement from average to good quality landscaping is associated with an increase in sale price of 5.7% while an improvement from average to excellent quality landscaping increases sale price by 10.8%.
  • Home value increased from 5% to 11% for homes with a good landscape.
  • Overall, survey participantsvalued the landscape design sophistication the most.
  • Design sophistication was the most important landscape factor, accounting for 40 to 45% of the value added to the home.
  • The most preferred landscape: a sophisticated design incorporating large deciduous, evergreen, and annual color plants and colored hardscapes.
  • Consumers preferred the largest, most sophisticated and colorful landscape design.
  • The landscape attributes that contributed most to the increase in percieved home value were, in order, design sophistication, plant size, and plant material type.  Clearly, the investment in a good landscapecan be recovered and increase the percieved value of a home
  • Nine out of 10 households recognized the value of a well-maintained lawn and landscape and observed the enriching and relaxing qualities landscaping provides the neighborhood.  
  • Landscape attributes such as hedges or walls, dense vegetation, and landscaped curbs, each add 2-4% to the property value, and homes with landscapes containing more trees than nearby properties arevalued at up to 7% higher.
  • Thepercieved value of a home may increase by 5-11% with landscape that is sophisticated in design, incorporating large plant size, evergreen and deciduous plants, annual color plants and colored hardscapes.
  • The largest affordable plant size should be used as it consistently provided a higher perceived value in all markets.
  • Landscaping yields, on average, a 109% return on every dollar spent, much more so than other home improvements.  Home buyers respond positively to homes with professionally landscaped and manicured lawns, and consequently percieve a higher property value.  
  • Trees and other plants are crucial to the sequestration of carbon from the earth's atmosphere and play an important role in reducing the urban and rural carbon footprint.    
  • Planting trees and other plants around a building can significantly reduce the sun's radiation effect on the temperature of the outer walls and lower the associated costs of energy for heating and cooling.  Planting trees around a building is not only a positive step towards reducing energy consumption, but it also has a significant financial benefit as well.  
  • Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people, and keeping flowers in and around the home and workplace environments is an excellent way to lower levels of stress and anxiety.


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  4. This publication © Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association


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