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DECK it OUT!!!

Summer is finally here! You want to make the most of your outdoors but a paver patio won't work because your walkout is on the second floor!!

So where are you going to put your Napolean Grill and Comfort Craft Outdoor Furniture?!? On your new deck of course!

From Hardscape Construction to Deck Construction of River Falls and Hudson, at Boulder Hills Landscaping, we specialize in ALL of your outdoor living space needs!

Do you already own a deck plan or need a deck plan drafted? The design experts at Boulder Hills can custom design your new deck or work with your existing plan to draft a proposal to fit your needs.

Whether it's treated, cedar, stained or composite; Boulder Hills Decking will work with you to find the right plan to meet your budget, build out your deck and get you enjoying your outdoors this summer!


"We really got the impression that Joe was building our fire-pit for his own back yard!"

-Jeremy and Tammy, Hudson WI

"We love our new patio! Great job! And even under your bid, gotta love that!"

-Debbie, River Falls, WI

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